Softwary: What is it?

Jonathan BrazilJonathan Brazil is a professional software developer, based in Ireland. With over 15 years experience in the software industry and research of software systems, “Softwary” is a journal of musings on the ways in which,¬†software sometimes strives to create havoc in everyday life.

Having spent most of his life embroiled in the software and computing world, many developments and catastrophes have given rise to a feeling of disillusionment. Further growing to skepticism, surrounding the goals of the IT sector. It is not always the case that advancement is for the general good and sometimes, well, it just needs to be called out for what it is. Hence the title of this blog, “Softwary”.

When things can’t fail fast enough… there’s software!

Engagement is welcomed, on what may frequently be topics of a controversial or disputable nature. Hopefully, there will be some good discussions as time rolls by.

Escaping the tech world and seeking inspiration from what nature has to offer, photography is a greatly enjoyed pastime. His photoblog of images from around Ireland can be found at (under the guise of Shot By Me). Feel free to browse by and peruse the images therein.