Hello Softwary World!

Hello Softwary! My new venture into the world of blogging. Over the years, I’ve dabbled with many different blogs, from tech to sport to random personal thoughts, each of which has run its course.

This time, I’m planning to publish sporadic pieces, influenced by major events in the IT world and backed by my own experiences in software development. After all, we all know that software tends to move way beyond the stock photo above and ends up looking a bit more like the one below.

Hopefully, the topics and edits will be of interest to many of you and perhaps we will establish some valuable debate surrounding the stories. I look forward to whatever may lie ahead of us. Another new venture for me, this time, will be to avail of many free embeddable images from Getty rather than creating my own (with the exception of some specific logos, banners, etc). Ever since the announcement that Getty was going to open up a large proportion of its image collection for free (as long as the image is embedded and not otherwise copied), I’ve been eager to try it out and discover exactly how reliable and sustainable it might be.

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